MenagerieIf you follow the sounds of a trickling stream, nestled and hidden within the bright lights of Thanalan, you will find The Menagerie – a uniquely immersive RP venue.Fresh lacquer, the sweet scent of newly woven tatami mats, and the warmth of a smile welcomes those that choose to step through the door. For those who are seeking something special, you'll find a haven of beauty and exquisite skill.It’s where an exclusive, hand selected few have been trained as Geisha and Oiran for the pleasures of our esteemed guests.Tea Ceremonies, Fan Dances, Horoscopes and more...let our special jewels give you an intimate experience you won’t soon forget.

    THE TEA CEREMONYWhat is a Tea Ceremony?A tea ceremony embodies the ideals of tranquility, respect, purity, and reverence; and guests who are fortunate enough to take part in the ceremony will come away from the experience feeling refreshed and at peace. Our Geisha and Oiran are trained to deliver this experience and guide you through its steps. If you’d like to learn more before your visit, here are some guidelines.What to Wear During a Tea CeremonyTraditionally, plain kimono and hakama are worn by women and men during tea ceremonies. If you don’t have a kimono, or other appropriately themed outfit, wearing smart casual clothing will be fine. Please try not to wear anything too revealing, flashy, or casual.Note that you will have to take off your shoes before entering the tea ceremony room, we will provide footwear for you.Sitting & Gestures ~When you enter the tea room, the Geisha or Oiran will guide you to your seat. Guests are expected to sit in the seiza (literally “proper sitting) position, with their legs folded under them. To do this, place your knees on the floor and rest your bottom on your heels.~Accepting & Returning the Tea Bowl ~~The Geisha or Oiran will present the tea bowl to each of the guests in turn. When you receive the bowl of tea, the “front” of the bowl will be facing you. You should pick up the bowl with your right hand and place it in your left palm. When the tea is served to you, bow once and raise the tea bowl to your host.~~Rotate the bowl clockwise so the “front” of the bowl is not facing you anymore. Take a sip and compliment the host on the tea. After taking a few sips, wipe the rim of the bowl. Make sure the front of the bowl is facing the host when you return it, and then bow to express your gratitude.

    SERVICESGeisha (SFW)
    Non Chargeable
    The Menagerie is a Geisha hosted Teahouse. As you enter you will be instantly transported to a place of peace and tranquillity. Our skilled and beautiful Geisha are available to make sure you have a memorable experience where you are their sole focus. Every Geisha, and Oiran, is trained in Tea Ceremony as well as having their own unique talents. Details of these can be found on their individual 'bio' cards.Please note that a Danna will still be charged for NSFW services.Oiran (NSFW)
    250k per 30mins
    The Menagerie is a full-service venue. If your desires lean towards the more intimate, our Oiran are skilled in making sure you are entirely satisfied.Danna
    Price to be Negotiated (per month)
    A Danna to a Geisha/Oiran is their main patron. A Danna does not have exclusive rights to a Geisha/Oiran's company, as they will still have other clients to entertain, but a Danna will come first. This means that they are entitled to the following:- Priority Booking (up to 24 hours prior to an event)
    - Their Name Displayed on a Geisha/Oiran's 'Bio' Card.
    - Special Discord Role
    Group Bookings
    Price to be Negotiated
    Parties of 3 or more will be listed as a 'Group Booking' and will require more than one Geisha/Oiran. These bookings will be created on a bespoke basis and should be pre-booked where possible.For all of our services we recommended a minimum 2 hour booking. Due to the small and intimate nature of our venue and services, we also recommend pre-booking via Discord.

    GEISHA & OIRAN**What is a Geisha? ~The word ‘Geisha’ it itself translates to ‘artisan’, and it is in the world of traditional oriental arts and entertainment that they truly shine. In the most generic sense, they use their talents and well-practiced techniques to provide entertainment for patrons. To become a Geisha is no small feat. It takes years of dedication and practice to transform into a full-fledged Geisha. They are artists, trained in performance such as dance, music and singing as well as the art of conversation.Please note that Geisha are purely for SFW interactions~What is an Oiran? ~~Oiran are not only beautiful but also intelligent in various arts and cultures. Though Oiran by definition are courtesans, they are distinguished by their skills in the traditional arts much like Geisha, as well as their knowledge of pleasure and seduction. Another characteristic is the kimono belt, normally tied at the back, the Oiran ties the obi at the front. You’ll understand why if you experience their full service.